XII Extraordinary Congress of Judges of Ukraine Convened under New Rules

On June 19-20, 2014, the XII Extraordinary Congress of Judges of Ukraine took place at the Olympic National Sports Complex. A toal of 402 delegates have registered, representing the entire judicial corps proportionally. The credentialing commission verified credentials of 398 delegates. In addition to the delegates, members of the Council of Judges of Ukraine, presidents of specialized councils of judges, judges of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, presidents of high specialized courts and appellate courts, representatives of the Presidential Administration, leadership of the State Judicial Administration, and representatives of international projects and civic organization participated in the Congress. New membership of the Council of Judges of Ukraine, representing judges of all court levels and specializations proportionally, was elected by the Congress. The Congress removed from its agenda the issues concerning removal of Constitutional Court judges and appointment of new judges. The voting on new members of the High Council of Justice took place; however, due to departure from the Congress by the majority of delegates, the resulting voting protocol was not approved. The Congress announced indefinite recess.

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