Draft Law No. 4038a on Whistleblower Protection and Reporting of Information on Damage or Threat to Public Interests of July 20, 2016 Registered in Parliament

This draft law was developed by civil society representatives and takes into account best practices and up-to-date international standards concerning whistleblower protection. In particular, the draft law sets forth specific mechanisms for reporting the information on damage or threat to public interests; provides for guarantees for protecting the whistleblowers and mechanisms for their implementation, including with respect to life and health of these persons; ensures the possibility of anonymous reporting on damage or threats to public interests; introduced mechanisms for rewarding the whistleblowers financially; etc. In order to comply with international recommendations, particularly those found in the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Recommendations CM/Rec(2014)7, the draft law covers whistleblowers with respect to information on damage or threats to public interests and is not limited exclusively to protection of corruption whistleblowers – although such persons are considered whistleblowers as defined by the law and therefore receive effective protection mechanisms.

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