Law “On Corruption Prevention” Adopted

On October 14, 2014, the Law of Ukraine “On Corruption Prevention” was adopted. In particular, it sets forth the operating principles for the National Agency for Preventing Corruption (NAPC) – a central executive branch body with special status, charged with developing and implementing state anticorruption policy. The Law contains guarantees of independence for the Agency’s leadership, provides for a special procedure for appointment and removal of leadership, defines the NAPC’s authority and rights, as well as the oversight mechanisms over the Agency’s operations. In particular, the Agency is charged with authority to develop drafts of the Anticorruption Strategy and the state program for its implementationl prepare draft of the national report on the implementation of anticorruption policy principles; organize and conduct studies on the corruption situation; carry out analysis of the state of preventing and countering corruption in Ukraine; inform the public of measures undertaken by the NAPC; undertake measures aimed at instilling a negative attitude towards corruption in the citizens’ mentality; engage the public in developing, implementing, and monitoring the anticorruption policy; etc.

In addition, the Law sets forth the procedure for reporting conflict of interests and mechanisms for regulating it; the procedure for income and assets declarations by public servants, as well as financial control mechanisms; guarantees of protection for corruption whistleblowers; and detailed mechanisms for the procedure of developing the anticorruption policy and reporting on the state of its implementation.

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